First of all, congratulations to the entire Harness team for a fantastic Q3 — in every dimension. Quick highlights on the product, engineering and operations.


Thanks to the entire product, design and engineering teams, we now have 5 modules completely available on our next generation platform. Our CD 2.0 module…

When we started this journey about a year and half ago, we set out to tackle two different dimensions of our business: building/expanding a platform on our own and connecting with other platforms and services. While these two dimensions needed a different strategies all the way from engineering architecture to…

A challenge often in front of senior leaders in engineering is to confront quality issues of the platform and product. In SaaS environments, it includes the service related interruptions. Every fast growing startup (more specifically, startups in enterprise space) goes through this challenge. The first step in addressing these issues…

Sri Ramalingam

Sri is currently SVP of Engineering at the fast growing software delivery startup He writes about engineering leadership and strategy.

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